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Foam Party 101: The Complete Guide To Foam Parties

Fernando Alvarez Jr.
Foam Party.

Foam parties! The newest entertainment option taking over summer parties everywhere.

A foam party for kids (or adults) is a sure-fire way to keep all your guests entertained at your next celebration. 

Today we bring you Foam Party 101: The Complete Guide To Foam Parties! 

In this guide we will go over everything you need to know about foam parties so that you can host the greatest party your guests will ever be a part of. Let’s dive in!

Table of contents:

What is a foam party?

What is a foam party?

A foam party is just that - a party surrounded by foam!

At a foam party, a foam machine fills your yard or driveway with an eye-catching mountain of cool, clean, and refreshing foam. The foam can stack as high as 6 feet and cover an area as large as 40x40 feet!

After the area is filled with foam, some high-energy, family-friendly music is turned on. After all, you can't have a foam party (or any party) without some incredibly good tunes!

Then, with the music pumping and the foam cannon continuously piling foam, all the party guests run right in!

From there, you will see the kids laughing as they build foam snowmen, pile foam on their heads, create a sweet new foam hairdo, and stand underneath the "foam rainbow" created by the foam cannon with their hands in the air and a smile on their face.

The adults also enjoy the foam party as they get to dance along to the music or take pictures of their children having the time of their lives. (A foam party makes for some of the most incredible photo opportunities guaranteed!)

A foam party is an excellent option for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Daycares
  • School events
  • Church events
  • Gender reveals
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Summer parties
  • And more!

What do I need for a foam party?

To throw a foam party, you will need (at a minimum) a foam machine, foam machine solution, a water source, a foam machine reservoir, a standard electrical outlet, a foam party machine operator, and a speaker - preferably a waterproof one.

Let's take a look at each!

A foam machine

A high-quality foam machine is a foundation for having an incredible foam party. 

If your foam machine doesn't have the power to cover a large area quickly, your foam party will fall flat. Kids don't want to wait for the foam to pile up, and adults won't get in the foam if it means everyone will be squished together!

At Kidtastic Bubbles, we use a professional grade HD Pro Stacker Foam Cannon by Foam Daddy for our foam parties. With this foam cannon, we can have a large area filled with foam in no time. 

Foam Daddy foam machines are the gold standard and, in our opinion, are the only foam machines you should consider for your foam party. 

Foam Machine Solution

Now that you have your foam machine, you will need some foam machine solution. 

Often offered in a gel, liquid, or powder format, the foam solution is what allows the bubble foam machine to make heaps of magical foam at your foam party.

Because you will be spraying this foam all over your guests and backyard or driveway, we recommend choosing a foam solution that is…

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Staining
  • Scent-free
  • Clothe friendly
  • Mess-free
  • And safe on skin

For this reason, we recommend (and only use) Foam Daddy foam gel solution. Not only does this foam solution hit all the marks above, but it easily creates the most foam output of any foam solution out there!

Along with creating the most foam output, the Foam Daddy foam solution doesn't make any sticky or slippery messes, and it cleans up easily! At the end of a foam party, the foam disappears on its own.

Foam machine solution.

Water source and a foam machine reservoir

The way a foam machine works is as follows.

First, you need a 50-gallon foam machine reservoir - think a giant bucket.

Second, if you use Foam Daddy foam solution, you will pour between ½ and 1 gallon of premixed foam solution.

Third, you will fill the rest of the reservoir with water.

Lastly, you will put your foam machine's submersible pump into the reservoir, and it will begin sucking out the solution and create the foam for your foam party.

So, to recap, you will need a water source and a foam machine reservoir (giant bucket). A standard water hose outlet will work fine. 

The closer the water source is to the foam party set up, the better, but thanks to really long water hoses, the water source can be up to 100 feet away from the foam machine.

Electrical outlet

The foam machine runs on power, so to throw your foam party, you will need a standard electrical outlet easily accessible to plug the foam machine into.

Like the water source, it is best to have the electrical outlet as close to the foam party setup as possible, but thanks to extension cords, the outlet can be up to 100 feet away from the foam machine.

We recommend a 12-gauge weatherproof extension cord and a waterproof extension cord connector to keep everything safe if it accidentally gets wet. As a reminder, always run your extension cords away from the foam area.

A foam party machine operator

You have your foam machine, foam solution, a water source, a foam machine reservoir, and an electrical source. You are well on your way to having an epic foam party!

BUT now you need someone to operate everything!

As the event host, you have a lot you have to juggle on the day of your party. The last thing you want to do is spend time figuring out how to work a machine you have probably never used before.

Because you should be enjoying the party, we recommend hiring a professional foam party machine operator.

The foam party operator will set up and tear down the foam machine, ensure the best foam output is being achieved, and ensure everyone is having a great time.

It's all about making your foam party as stress-free as possible.

Foam party machine operator.

A speaker

The last thing you will need to have a foam party is a speaker. As mentioned before, you can't have a party without some great music!

Because a foam party is held outdoors and there is a lot of noise going on, you will need a loud enough speaker for everyone to hear. 

At a minimum, you should opt for a speaker that is 200w (the more, the better) and bonus points if you acquire a speaker that is water and splash-proof. 

Here are a few of our favorite songs that we like to play at a foam party:

  • I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas
  • Happy by Pharell Williams
  • Dance Monkey by Tones And I
  • Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  • Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon

What do you wear to a foam party

The second most asked question we receive here at Kidtastic Bubbles is what should the guests wear to a foam party?

The answer is really simple!

We recommend all the guests to wear lightweight, comfortable clothing like a t-shirt and shorts or a swimsuit.

When you think about what to wear to a foam party, ask yourself, "what would I wear to a summer pool party?" A lot of the same rules apply.

You want to wear clothes that…

  • Are okay to get wet
  • Are comfortable
  • Are potentially quick drying

What you don't want to wear to a foam party is…

  • Anything made of suede or other non-water-friendly material
  • The fancy clothes that you don't want to get wet

Again, simple is best. Opt for a swimsuit or a lightweight t-shirt and shorts, and you will be good to go.

Now when it comes to foam parties, a common thought that may come to your mind is...

Does a foam party ruin your clothes?

The short answer is - no! At least our foam parties don't, as we use a high-quality foam solution that we mentioned earlier in this article.

With that said, again, we don't recommend wearing anything you usually wouldn't want to get wet, like a suede leather jacket or a fancy silk wedding dress.

If you wear the recommended t-shirt and shorts or swimsuit, then at the end of the foam party, you dry off in the sun, pop your clothes in the laundry machine, and they are as good as new for your next foam party.

What shoes do you wear to a foam party?

But what about shoes?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for a foam party that you don't mind getting wet, like some old sneakers/tennis shoes. You'd like your shoes to have a bit of traction to make it easier to walk in the foam.

If you'd like some extra protection, you can even opt for some water shoes or waterproof boots, but find these often aren't necessary.

The shoes we don't recommend wearing to a foam party are high stiletto heels or flip flops, as these can cause you to slip and fall.

It is not uncommon for kids and adults to be barefoot white playing in the foam. If you'd like to let your feet free, you are more than welcome to do so!

We always recommend you hold a foam party on a flat surface free of obstructions so that those who are barefoot do not accidentally step on anything. 

Lastly, while we are on shoes and feet, many are curious if a foam party is slippery. The answer to this is not really! You can easily walk, dance, and play inside the foam without fear of slipping, but we still recommend being cautious while doing so.

What do you wear to a foam party?

What should I bring to a foam party?

You now know what outfit you should wear to a foam party now; let's cover some additional accessories you might want to bring with you to enjoy the experience further! Many of these items are similar to what you would bring to a pool party (with a few differences), so you should already have everything you need!


It can be handy to have a towel on hand at a foam party to wipe yourself down and dry yourself off quickly.

If you don't have a towel, there is no need to worry! When you exit the foam, you will find that you will quickly dry off in the sun. 


Foam parties are held outside, so it is vital to protect yourself from the sun and apply sunscreen before the party. Keep your sunscreen in your bag so that you can reapply as needed throughout the event.

A change of clothes

As recently mentioned, you will find that your clothes quickly dry off as soon as you exit the foam, but you can also bring a change of clothes if you'd prefer. Having an extra pair of clothes can come in handy. 

Cell phone/camera

A foam party is one of the most picture worthy parties you will ever be a part of! With foam and bubbles everywhere you definitely want to be ready to snap some photos!

What should I bring to a foam party?

How much does a foam party cost?

The cost of foam party rentals can vary, but you will find the typical price of hiring a professional foam party company to be between $295 and $700 an hour.  

This cost can vary depending on what the service includes. While we can't speak for other companies, we can speak for our own foam party rentals. Below you will find what we charge for a foam party and what is included in every event!

At Kidtastic Bubbles, our foam parties start at $325 for 1-hour.

Our 1-hour foam party includes:

  • Sixty minutes of non-stop foam fun! 
  • Our professional-grade foam party cannon that builds an eye-catching pile of foam in seconds.
  • A foam operator who will set up, tear down, and run the foam cannon for the entirety of the hour making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • We bring our speaker and play some energizing, family-friendly music to get the foam dance party started!
  • We include beach balls at every event that your guests get to keep
  • We will travel to your location in Orange County, CA, and its surrounding nearby cities. 

We don't charge any travel fees within our service area, our company is fully insured, and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by our 100% money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy with your event you don't pay a cent. (We've never had a dissatisfied customer and we will make sure you are not the first!

How much does a foam party cost?

Where can I host a foam party?

The two options are typically a backyard foam party or a driveway foam party.

In order to have a foam party we recommend having a space that is at least 20x20 feet that is free of obstructions.

A foam party works on both grass (artificial and real) and pavement.

How do you clean a foam party?

Every parent out there will be excited to know that… a foam party cleans itself up! Meaning no clean up is required.


At the end of a foam party the foam just disappears on its own leaving zero trace that it was ever there!

If you would like the foam to disappear quicker, you can always run water over it and wash it away. 

Book a foam party with Kidtastic Bubbles

And with that, you have just graduated from foam party 101! Congratulations, you are now a foam party expert!

If you'd like to celebrate by having a foam party at your next event, feel free to request a booking. We service Orange County, California, and its surrounding nearby cities. 

We would love to make your next event foamtastic!

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