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25 Totally Unique Birthday Party Ideas For 10-Year-Olds

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Birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds.

Many parents think planning a birthday party for a 10-year-old is a mountainous task, but it doesn't have to be so. There are plenty of unique birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds that will ensure your child has a fantastic time with their friends.

Let's explore some of these wonderful ideas together, and be sure to pick one that suits your child's interest.

Coed Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

Your children will always remember the awesome, fun birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds you plan for them. Arguably, during this time, it's their opportunity to have fun with their friends. The good thing about birthday parties is that there are many ways to impress everyone. If you're thinking of hosting something coed for your kid, here are top ideas to try.


A princess and prince coed birthday party idea is about dressing up and make-believe. Think silver and gold, gems and jewels. The more bling used at the party, the better it is. However, this doesn't mean you should break the bank to impress your kid.

Some creativity will go a long way in making the birthday party memorable for the young ones. Some balloons, leftover fabric, and Christmas tree lights will turn a simple indoor space into a fairytale royal palace for your small king or queen.

Set the right scene to create the impression. Roll out a red carpet or any other fabric that looks plush. Children will walk down the red carpet as they enter the party's venue. Decorate the scene to ensure the party princess or prince has the fanciest decorations. For instance, you can use plump velvet cushions for their throne. Kids often see this in their movies, which will impress them.

Pirate-Themed Birthday Party

"Ahoy, Mateys! There are many pirate-fun birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds. If your kid loves pirate shows, this coed birthday party idea will create memorable moments for the young ones.

You can try just about anything that comes to mind with pirate decorations and customize them to suit your event.

You can opt for a vintage pirate theme or a movie-inspired masterpiece. Pirate party supplies you should have included pirate flag bunting, skeletons, ahoy, barrels, captain's wheel, treasure maps, treasure chests, and more.

Mickey/Minnie Birthday Party

Kids often demand special themed parties, and Mickey/Minnie indoor birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds will surely fit the occasion. If you want to surprise your child with an event they will remember, the Mickey/Minnie-themed birthday party will spice up their excitement. Everyone who attends the party will have something to talk about since they can relate to the Disney characters.

Lego-Themed Birthday Party

Most kids love legos, making it a cool birthday party idea for ten-year-olds. If your kid has been practicing their Lego skills, a Lego-themed party will make them happy. An essential thing to remember here is to choose bright colors for the event.

For instance, the backdrop works well with white, red, and yellow. Incorporate some color-matching balloons and design a logo with your kid's name. As for the kids' table, settle for Lego-inspired items to make the place special.

Batman and Batgirl Party

Kids love to be superheroes. Whether boy or girl, there are many ways to make them feel like they're the superheroes in your life. A batman or batgirl-themed birthday party is one of the best birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds.

One way of making this party memorable is to invite a batman or batgirl entertainer. The entertainer will teach your kids all there is to know about being a superhero in real life.

Boy Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

When planning a birthday party for your little man, you want your child and his friends to have unforgettable moments together. Here are good birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds you should try.

Low-Impact Paintballing

Your 10-year-old boy is growing up fast. To this point, there's no doubt that they love acting out war games. Find a suitable location where you can host a low-impact paintballing. Well, kids will get home a little bit muddy, but they will be brimming with lots of enthusiasm.

Star Wars Birthday Party Theme

If your son is a huge fan of Star Wars, why not host a Star Wars-themed party? After all, you want them to remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Swimming Party and Pizza

A swimming party and pizza is an excellent opportunity for your son to invite all his friends to his birthday party. Luckily, there are swimming pools where you only pay to hire the pool for some hours instead of paying per head. Hence, if you're looking for cheap birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds, this idea will allow your kids to enjoy themselves without leaving anyone behind.

Laser Party

Laser parties are always popular with boys of all ages. Kids aged seven and above will have a great time at a laser party. One good thing about a laser party is that it's not too intense compared to paintball. Plus, it's played indoors, so that the weather won't be an issue for your kids.

Activity Party

An activity party is another great idea if you're looking for unique birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds that will suit everyone. Archery and climbing are good options here. An adult should be there to supervise these activities. Other exciting activities at the party are raft building and crate stacking. Aim to choose activities that everyone will enjoy participating in.

Girl Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

Here are exciting birthday party ideas for 10-year-old girls that will ensure they have mad fun during their special day.

Ice Cream Party

An ice cream party is one of the best summer birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds. You can set up your ice cream parlor and have a wide array of toppings for kids to indulge in. Think sweet treats, fresh fruits, sauces, and more. It doesn't hurt to create time and make your own ice cream for your baby girl if you're adventurous enough.

Karaoke Party

Your dazzling little girl deserves a princess-like treatment. There's no better way to do this than hosting a karaoke birthday party. Karaoke at-home birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds are the perfect way to make your little princess feel like a rockstar. A Bluetooth machine and Youtube can work if you don't have a karaoke machine.

Magic Party

Abracadabra! A magic party also stands among the list of great birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds. This idea is always bound to be a hit. If you don't have some magic tricks to impress your little one, you can hire a magician. With a thrilling show, kids are bound to leave feeling spellbound.

Pajama Party

What's the dress code? Pretty nighties and some fluffy pajamas would do. Your princess will love celebrating their double digits with a huge pajama birthday party. This party will be worth it while you grab some pillows, blankets, and a bowl of popcorn.

Camping Party

If there's a nearby campsite or you can easily access one, having a camping birthday party is a brilliant idea. This is one of the main birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds girls that aren't too demanding. However, for this outdoor birthday party idea for ten-year-olds, it's important to ensure children are well supervised.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

How about small birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds that you can host indoors? Here are ideas to help you get started.

Game Night

After your kids enjoy themselves during the day, you can crown the birthday party with a game night. Kids will find this exciting since they get to play for hours non-stop.

Movie Session

A movie session will do if backyard birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds don't work for you. With just a few decorations and sweet treats, your kid can still enjoy a movie night with friends. This is also one of the best last-minute birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds.

Dance Party

Kids love to dance. Whether boy or girl, host a birthday dance party in your house or disco, and kids will surely remember this day.


Bowling is an indoor activity that won't leave your child constrained during their big day. Hire a lane or two for your child and their friends. They will enjoy the competitive experience while spending time together.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a good birthday party idea for ten-year-olds, girls, or boys. This is a brilliant idea if adults want to participate in the big event.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

Thinking of having fun with your kid outdoors? Here are five outdoor birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds.

A Zoo Party

A zoo party is a simple birthday treat that will allow your kid to share memorable moments with their friends. You can visit the zoo for a few hours and spend the rest of the day engaging in exciting activities at home or the park

Water Gun Races

Anything that involves water will surely leave kids soaking wet with excitement. Water gun races are a great idea to give kids ample time to play around.

Bouncy Castle

A bouncy castle birthday idea can also suit a ten-year-old boy or girl. Find a good spot for the bouncing castle, and your children will enjoy spending time together.

Garden Party

A garden party is an affordable way to ensure your child doesn't skip their 10-year birthday party. For this party, all you have to do is to prepare a special meal for your kid and their guests. Company is what's more important. So, create space for kids to have fun after dining together.

An Aquarium Party

Besides a zoo party, an aquarium party is also another unique birthday party idea that suits 10-year-olds.


You don’t have to complicate your child’s birthday party. With these birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds, you can choose something to ensure your child remembers their big day for a lifetime. A party doesn't have to be big as long as your child is surrounded by friends and family.

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